G. W. Thomas Presents

SIMON ARK (1955-1984) by Edward D. Hoch

“‘Would you believe it if I told you I walked the sands of Africa with Augustine, and talked wiyh Aquinas on the road to Naples, and visited John of the Cross in the monastery at Ubeda?’” -- Simon Ark

Simon Ark is a Coptic priest, possibly 1500 years old, though in apperance only “...tall and heavy-set; yet he carried himself with an ease and dignity that often made people forget his physical features and remember only the overpowering persuasion of his manner.” Edward D. Hoch, master of the Mystery short story, created Ark about the time Weird Tales and other pulps were folding. Because of this, Simon Ark is a bit of throwback to those crumbling yellowy pages. In the manner of Moris Klaw, Ark, despite his fantastic nature, finds the evildoers human enough.


         1.  The Judges of Hades and Other Simon Ark Stories (1971)
          2. City of Brass and Other Simon Ark Stories (1971)
3. The Quests of Simon Ark (1984)

    1. "Village of the Dead" Famous Detective Stories (February 1955)
    2. "The Hoofs of Satan" Famous Detective Stories (February 1956)
3. "The Witch Is Dead" Famous Detective Stories (April 1956)
4. "The Man from Nowhere"  Famous Detective Stories (June 1956)
5. "The Vicar of Hell" Famous Detective Stories (August1956)
6. "The Wolves of Werclaw" Famous Detective Stories (October 1956)
7. "Blood in the Stands" Terror Detective Story Magazine (February 1957)
8. "The Judge of Hades" Crack Detective & Mystery Stories (February 1957)
9. "Serpent in Paradise" Crack Detective & Mystery Stories  (April 1957)
10. "Twelve for Eternity" Crack Detective & Mystery Stories (July 1957)
11. "The Hour of None" Double-Action Detective & Mystery (Fall 1957)
12. "Desert of Sin" Double-Action Detective & Mystery (May 1958)
13. " The Dragon Murders" Double-Action Detective & Mystery (September 1958)
14. "Street of Screams" Double-Action Detective & Mystery  (January 1959)
15. "The Case of the Sexy Smugglers" Double-Action Detective & Mystery  (July 1959)
16. "The Case of the Naked Niece" Double-Action Detective & Mystery  (September 1959)
17. "Sword for a Sinner" Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (October 1959)
18. " The Case of the Vanished Virgin" Double-Action Detective & Mystery  (November 1959)
19. " The Case of the Ragged Rapist" Double-Action Detective & Mystery (January 1960)
20. "City of Brass" The Saint Mystery Library (September 1959)
21. " Flame at Twilight" The Saint Mystery Library (January 1960)
22. "The Case of the Mystic Mistress" Double-Action Detective & Mystery  (May 1960)
23. "The Clouded Venus"  Tightrope Detective Magazine (June 1960)
24. " Lovely Lady of Lust" Keyhole Detective Magazine (April 1962)
25. "Day of the Wizard"  Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (August 1963)
    26. "The Lost Pilgrim" Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (February 1972)
27. "Funeral in the Fog" Weird Tales (Summer 1973)
    28. "The Treasure of Jack the Ripper" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (October 1978)
    29. "The Mummy from the Sea" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (January 1979)
    30. "The Man Who Shot the Werewolf" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (February1979)
    31. "The Avenger from Outer Space" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (October1979)
    32. "The Weapon Out of the Past" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (April 1980)
    33. "The Soceress of the Sea" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (August 1980)
34. "The Vulteres of Malabar" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (October 1980)
35. "The Dying Marabout" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (February 1981)
36. "The Unicorn's Daughter" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (January 1982)
37. "The House of Hundred Birds" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (February 1982)
    38. "The Witch of Park Avenue" Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (August 1982)
    39. "Ark in the Desert" Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (December 1984)

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