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Wanted: poetry of all lengths and styles. Must be about a haunted wood or the creatures that dwell there.
It is not necessary to mention Wyrdworm Wood. Pieces most likely to be accepted are those that are haunting and expand our knowledge of this weird, creepy place. Dark humor is not out of the question. Here are two examples that may be included in this volume:

HINT: I have enough poems about weird forests. What I need now is more poems about the strange creatures, spirits and people living in the strange woods.

By G. W. Thomas

The widowed ladies of Bramble Hall,
Live in separate places,
Each in a quiet room shaped like a ball,
Filled with silver-glass mirrors great and tall,
To admire happy faces.

The Lady Cirindal-Hight baths at night,
She wishes none to see her,
Her white limbs are clean but her hair a fright,
She lost her emerald eyes to fevered blight,
Rubies worn where the orbs were.

The Lady Vesta-Kah dines on porcupine,
And dips her fork in butter,
She licks the boiling juice with tongue supine,
Her serpent points cleaning each and every tine,
The smell hovers about her.

The Lady Shil-nak’s bookshelf knows no lack,
For tawdry tales or verses,
She reads the ancient volumes in red or black,
Poetry of genius or some hack,
Her reviews filled with curses.

Each Widow-Lady sits by window slits,
Waiting nigh for her lover,
Cirindal’s mister sucks on orange pits,
He wears only the finest sable mitts,
His talons they will cover.

Lady Vesta-Kah’s man is slender and tan,
He wears a sword of silver,
His shiny back scales are splayed in a fan,
He is regent of the Serpent Clan,
He takes his fill of liver.

Lady-Shil-nak’s gent is old and bent,
His wig dusted in powder,
He carries away all the books she’s lent,
Bindings of leather whether soiled or dent,
He uses them for chowder.

I am accepting 24-30 pieces (not necessarily from that many poets, so
submit more than one if you like) for this ebook.
The authors/artist will share an equal percentage of the royalties.

Poems that have been selected so far are by Bruce Boston, Debra Steele, Stephen D. Rogers, Chris Ambrose, Jacie Ragan, Nikesh Murali, G. W. Thomas.

Send manuscripts to
Prefer subs in the body of an email

"The Widowed Ladies Of Bramble Hall" are copyright G. W. Thomas 2003



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