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G. W. Thomas Presents

John Thunstone (1943-1985) by Manly Wade Wellman

"If it's possible, it's not supernatural...I believe in what I've experienced, in the work I've doneall my life. people talk to me about impossibilities and possibilities, but I feel that the old saying fits it somehow, that a likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvicing possibility." -- John Thunstone

1. “The Third Cry to Legba” Weird Tales November 1943
2. “The Golden Goblins” Weird Tales January 1944
3. “Hoofs” Weird Tales March 1944
4. “The Letters of Cold Fire” Weird Tales May 1944
5. “John Thunstone’s Inheritance” Weird Tales July 1944
6. “Sorcery from Thule” Weird Tales September 1944
7. “The Dead Man’s Hand” Weird Tales November 1944
8. “Thorne on the Threshold” Weird Tales January 1945
9. “The Shonokins” Weird Tales July 1946
10. “Blood from a Stone” Weird Tales May 1945
11. “The Dai Sword” Weird Tales July 1945
12. “Twice Cursed” Weird Tales March 1946 (cover)
13. “Shonokin Town” Weird Tales July 1946
14. “The Leonardo Rondache” Weird Tales March 1948
15. “The Last Grave of Lill Warran” Weird Tales May 1951
16. "Rouse Him Not" Kadath #5 (1982)
17. Lonely Vigils (1981)
18. What Dreams May Come (1983)
19. The School of Darkness (1985)

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