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G. W. Thomas Presents

RICHARD WENTWORTH, THE SPIDER (1933-1943) by Grant Stockbridge

Created by R. T. Scott II and written largely by Norvel W. Page, the Spider faced weird villains for ten years in his own pulp magazine. Like Doc Savage and Richard Benson,

  1     The Spider Strikes
  2     The Wheel of Death
  3     Wings of the Black Death
  4     City of Flaming Shadows
  5     Empire of Doom
  6     The Citadel of Hell
  7     Serpent of Destruction
  8     The Mad Horde
  9     Satan's Death Blast
  10    The Corpse Cargo
  11    Prince of Red Looters
  12    Reign of the Silver Terror
  13    Builders of the Black Empire NP
  14    Death's Crimson Juggernaut
  15    The Red Death Rain
  16    The City Destroyer
  17    The Pain Emperor
  18    The Flame Master
  19    Slaves of the Crime Master
  20    Reign of the Death Fiddler
  21    Hordes of the Red Butcher
  22    Dragon Lord of the Underworld
  23    Master of the Death-Madness
  24    King of the Red Killers
  25    Overlord of the Damned
  26    Death Reign of the Vampire King
  27    Emperor of the Yellow Death
  28    The Mayor of Hell
  29    Slaves of the Murder Syndicate
  30    Green Globes of Death
  31    The Cholera King
  32    Slaves of the Dragon
  33    Legions of Madness
  34    Laboratory of the Damned
  35    Satan's Sightless Legions
  36    The Coming of the Terror
  37    The Devil's Death Dwarfs
  38    City of Dreadful Night
  39    Reign of the Snake Men
  40    Dictator of the Damned
  41    The Milltown Massacres
  42    Satan's Workshop
  43    Scourge of the Yellow Fangs
  44    The Devil's Pawnbroker
  45    Voyage of the Coffin Ship
  46    The Man Who Ruled in Hell
  47    Slaves of the Black Monarch
  48    Machine Guns Over the White House
  49    The City That Dared Not Eat
  50    Master of the Flaming Horde
  51    Satan's Switchboard
  52    Legions of the Accursed Light
  53    The City of Lost Men
  54    The Gray Horde Creeps
  55    City of Whispering Death
  56    When Thousands Slept in Hell
  57    Satan's Shackles
  58    The Emperor from Hell
  59    The Devil's Candlesticks
  60    The City That Paid to Die
  61    The Spider At Bay
  62    Scourge of the Black Legions
  63    The Withering Death
  64    Claws of the Golden Dragon
  65    The Song of Death
  66    The Silver Death Rain
  67    Blight of the Blazing Eye
  68    King of the Fleshless Legion
  69    Rule of the Monster Men
  70    The Spider and The Slaves of Hell
  71    The Spider and The Fire God
  72    The Corpse Broker
  73    The Spider and The Eyeless Legions
  74    The Spider and The Faceless One
  75    Satan's Murder Machines
  76    The Spider and The Pain Master
  77    Hell's Sales Manager
  78    Slaves of the Laughing Death
  79    The Man from Hell
  80    The Spider and The War Emperor
  81    Judgement of the Damned
  82    Dictator's Death Merchants
  83    Pirates from Hell
  84    Master of the Night Demons
  85    The Council of Evil
  86    The Spider and His Hobo Army
  87    The Spider and The Jewels of Hell
  88    Harbor of the Nameless Dead
  89    The Spider and The Slave Doctor
  90    The Spider and The Sons of  Satan
  91    Slaves of the Burning Blade
  92    The Devil's Paymaster
  93    The Benevolent Order of Death
  94    Murder's Black Prince
  95    The Spider and The Scarlet Surgeon
  96    The Spider and The Deathless One
  97    Satan's Seven Swordsmen
  98    Volunteer Corpse Brigade
  99    The Crime Laboratory
  100   Death and The Spider
  101   Murder's Legionaires
  102   The Gentleman from Hell
  103   Slaves of the Ring
  104   The Spider and The Death Piper
  105   Revolt of the Underground
  106   Return of the Rackets Kings
  107   Fangs of the Dragons
  108   Hell Rolls on the Highway
  109   Army of the Damned
  110   Zara: Master of Murder
  111   The Spider and The Flame King
  112   The Howling Death
  113   Secret City of Crime
  114   Recruit for The Spider Legion
  115   The Spider and the Man from Hell
  116   The Criminal Horde
  117   The Spider and Hell's Factory
  118   When Satan Came To Town
  119   Slaughter, Incorporated