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G. W. Thomas Presents

Aurelius Smith (1923) by R. T. M. Scott

Aurelius Smith began as a spy but in later books (the third) he settles down to life as a detective. Smith is a lean and lanky pipe-smoker in ab apartment near Washington Square in New York City, where he is ably
assisted by his beautiful secretary, Bernice Asterly, a gifted mimic, and his Hindu man-servant, Langa Doonh.

Secret Service Smith (1923)
The Black Magician (1925)
Ann's Crime (1926) (a: Smith of the Secret Service)
Aurelius Smith -- Detective (1927)
The Mad Monk (1931)
Murder Stalks the Mayor (1935)
The "Agony Column" Murders: A Secret Smith Novel (1946)
The Nameless Ones: A Secret Smith Novel (1947)


"Crushed Pearl" The American Magazine (January 1926)
          "Bombay Duck"  Colliers (August 6, 1927)