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G. W. Thomas Presents

Neils Orsen, The Ghost Hunter (1942) by Dennis Wheatley

“With the idea of giving variety to this series I decided that some of Neils’s cases should prove to be genuine hauntings and that the others should turn out to be fakes arranged by people who had some axe to grind and therefore be capable of a natural explanation ascertainable by normal detection methods…" -- Dennis Wheatley

Neils Orsen is a frail-appearing medium (based on the very real Dewhirst of Wheatley's acquaintance) who with his assistant, Bruce Hemmingway (Dennis Wheatley) faces the inexplicible without fear. Of the four stories Wheatley completed about half prove supernatural and half don't.

Gunmen, Gallants and Ghosts (1942)

 1. “The Case of the Thing That Whimpered”
2. “The Case of the Long-Dead Lord”
 3. “The Case of the Red-Headed Woman”
 4. “The Case of the Haunted Chateau”
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