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G. W. Thomas Presents


"Well then, honey, NEXT to love, it's adventure that makes the world spin, I reckon..." -- Doc Long

I Love a Mystery was radio's Ghostbusters. The group was lead by Jack Packard (played by Michael Raffetto, Jay Novello, John McIntyre, Russell Thorson and Robert Dryden). The second member was Doc Long (played by Barton Yarborough and Jim Boles)  a Texan who loved the ladies and fighting. The third member was Reggie York ( played by Walter Paterson and Tony Randall), was the muscles of the band and British. These men met in a Asian prison then later formed the A-1 Detective Agency in Hollywood. The series was written by Carleton E. Morse. The radio show ran through several formats and casts from 1939 until 1952, the beginnings of television. Not all episodes had false supernatural elements.

1 "The Roxy Gangsters"
2. "Death Aboard the Lady Mary"
3. "The Case Of The Nevada Cougar"
4. "Mystery of the Lazy K Ranch"
5. "Strange Affair of Sandy Spring Sanatorium"
6. "The Texas Border Smugglers"
7. "The El Paso, Texas Murders"
8. "Flight To Death"
9. "Murder Hollywood Style"
10. "Incident Concerning Death"
11 "Yolo County Battle Of The Century"
12. "Blue Phantom"
13. "Castle Island (a: “The Fear That Creeps Like A Cat")
14.  "Hollywood Cherry” (a: “The Thing That Cries in the Night”)
15. "Bury Your Dead, Arizona"
16. 16.  "San Diego Murders" (a:   "The Million Dollar Curse")
17. "Temple Of Vampires"
18. "Brooks Kidnapping"
19. "Murder In Turquoise Pass"
20. "The Snake With The Diamond Eyes"
21. “The Tropics Don't Call It Murder”
   22. “The Case Of The Transplanted Castle"
   23. "Murder On February Island"
      24. "Eight Kinds Of Murder"
25. "The Monster In The Mansion"
   26. "Secret Passage To Death"
   27. "Terror Of Frozen Corpse Lodge"
   28. "Pirate Loot of The Island of Skulls"
29. "The Girl In The Gilded Gage"
   30. "Blood On The Cat"
   31. "The Killer Of Circle M"
   32. “Stairway To The Sun"
33. "The Graves Of Whamperjaw, Texas"
   34. "Murder Is The Word For It"
   35. "The Decapitation Of Jefferson"
   36. "My Beloved Is AVampire"
   37. The Hermit Of San Felipe Atabapo”
   38. "The Deadly Sin Of Richard Coyle"
   39. “The Twenty Traitors Of Timbuktu”
   40. “The African Jungle Mystery”
41. “The Widow With The Amputation”
   42. "I Am The Destroyer Of Women"
   43. You Can't Pin A Murder On Nevada”
   44. "The Corpse In Compartment C, Car 76”
   45. "The Thing Wouldn't Die"
   46. "The Case Of The Terrified Comedian"
      47. "The Man Who Hated To Shave"
   48. "Temple Of Vampires"
   49. "Bride Of The Werewolf"
   50. "The Monster In The Mansion"
   51. "Portrait Of A Murderess"
   52 "Find Elsa Holberg, Dead Or Alive"
53."The China Coast Incident"
54."The Great Airmail Robbery"
55. "The Devil's Sanctuary"
56. "The Pearl Of Great Price"
57. "The Hundred Million Dollar Manhunt"
58. "The Girl's Finishing School Kidnapping"
59. "But Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have"
60. "The Man With The Third Green Eye"
61. "The Girl In The Street"
62. "The Kwan Moon Dagger"
63. "Assignment With A Displaced Person"
64. "Hearse On The Highway"
65. "The Ambassador Ricardo Santos Affair"