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G. W. Thomas Presents

MORIS KLAW (1920) by Sax Rohmer

‘"Of what use …are my acute psychic sensibilities to detect who it is with a chopper that has brained some unhappy washerwoman?’” -- Moris Klaw

Moris Klaw is the spawn of both Sherlock Holmes and John Silence. On the one hand he uses mystical powers to solve his crimes as would Silence, but on the other the criminals prove weird but natural enough. Klaw is usually accompanied by his Watson, Searles, William, his shop-keeper or his beautiful daughter.

The Dream-Detective (1920)

1. "The Tragedies in the Greek Room"
2. "The Potsherd of Anubis"
3. "The Crusader's Ax"
4. "The Ivory Statue"
5. "The Blue Rajah"
6. "The Whispering Poplars"
7. "The Headless Mummies"
8. "The Haunting of Grange"
9. "The Veil of  Isis"
10. "The Chord in G" US edition only (1925)

"Exploring the Etheric Borderland with Moris Klaw" by J. F. Norris
tion to the ghost-breaker probl