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G. W. Thomas Presents

Dr. Martin Hesselius (1872) by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

"...His knowledge was immense, his grasp of a case was an intuition.  He was the very man to inspire a young enthusiast, like me, with awe and delight.  My admiration has stood the test of time and survived the separation of death.  I am sure it was well-founded."
                                                                               -- Hesselius' Unnamed Assistant

Dr. Martin Hesselius is the man who started it all. From his mold would spring Abram van Helsing, John Silence and many others. Despite this, Hesselius remains a shadowy figure. All we see of him are glimpses from the introductions to the stories in Le Fanu's collection, In a Glass Darkly. Hesselius only appears in "Green Tea". This amazing psychic, physician has an unnamed assistant who becomes his editor after death.

In a Glass Darkly (1872)

1. "Green Tea"
2. "The Familiar"
3. "Mr. Justice Harbottle"
4. "The Room In the Dragon Volant"
5. "Carmilla"

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