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G. W. Thomas Presents

Dr. Gideon Fell (1933-1967) by John Dickson Carr

"... one of the great institutions of England. The man has more obscure, useless, and fascinating information than any person  I ever met…”  -- Rampole

Modelled on the real-life G. K. Chesterton, author of the Father Brown stories, Dr. Gideon Fell is an odd-looking character with a round belly and a monocle. Rampole, his Watson, is an American living in England (as was the author Carr). Fell's methods are similar to Holmes' in that he wanders through the scene of the crime, seeing what others miss until the startling revelation so typical of the Mystery genre at the end. The first novel, Hag's Nook, was obviously inspired by M. R. James' "The treasure of Abbott Thomas".


1.  Hag’s Nook (1933)
2.  The Mad Hatter Mystery (1933)
4.  The Eight of Swords (1934)
3.  The Blind Barber (1934)
5.  Death Watch (1935)
6. The Three Coffins (1935) (a: The Hollow Man)
7.  The Arabian Nights Murder (1936)
8.  To Wake the Dead (1937)
9.  The Crooked Hinge (1938)
10.  The Problem of he Green Capsule (1938)  (a: The Black Spectacles)
11.  The Problem of the Wire Cage (1939)
12.  The Man Who Could Not Shudder (1940)
13.  The case of the Constant Suicides (1941)
14. Death Turns the Tables (1941) (a: The Seat of the Scornful)
15.  Till Death Do Us Part (1944)
16.  He Who Whispers (1946)
17.  The Sleeping Sphinx (1947)
18.  Below Suspicion (1949)
19.  The Dead Man’s Knock (1958)
20.  In Spite of Thunder (1960)
21.  The House at Satan’s Elbow (1965)
22.  Panic in Box C (1966)
23.  Dark of the Moon (1967)

Story Collections

1. Dr. Fell, Detective and Other Stories (1947)
2. The Third Bullet and Other Stories (1954)
3. The Men Who Explained Miracles (1963)
4. The Door to Doom and Other Detections (1980)
5. The Dead Sleep Lightly (1983)


1. “The Wrong Problem”
2. “The Proverbial Murder”
3. “The Locked Room”
4. “King Arthur’s Chair”
5.  “The Incautious Burglar”
6. “A Guest in the House”
7. “Invisible Hands”


1. “The Hangman Won’t Wait”
2. “The Black Minute”
3. “The Dead Sleep Lightly”

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