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G. W. Thomas Presents

TITUS CROW (1970-1989) by Brian Lumley

"Crow!" I cried, "Titus Crow! Where are you?" -- Etienne de Marigny

H. P. Lovecraft never created a single investigator to take on his fearsome mind-scrambling baddies. (None of his characters ever survived more than one or two stories.) The closest he ever came was the dream-wandering Randolph Carter. It was British author, Brian Lumley who did in 1970. Titus Crow is the Cthulhu Mythos' answer to the occult detective. Crow's foes were of course the terrible monsters of the CCD or Cthulhu Cycle Deities.

 The Compleat Crow  1987
Titus Crow 1997
      Brian Lumley’s Mythos Omnibus  1997
      Brian Lumley’s Mythos Omnibus Volume II  1997
Titus Crow: Volume Two  1997
Titus Crow III 1997

         1.  "An Item of Supporting Evidence"  The Arkham Collector (Summer 1970)
          2. "Billy’s Oak" The Arkham Collector (Winter 1970)
          3. "The Caller of the Black" The Caller of the Black 1971
          4. "De Marigny’s Clock"  The Caller of the Black 1971
          5. "The Mirror of Nitocris" The Caller of the Black 1971
          6. The Burrowers Beneath 1974
          7. The Transition of Titus Crow 1975
          8. "Darghud’s Doll"  The Horror at Oakdene and Others 1977
          9. "The Viking’s Stone" The Horror at Oakdene and Others 1977
          10. The Clock of Dreams  1978
          11. Spawn of the Winds 1978
          12. In the Moons of Borea 1979
          13. "Name and Number" Kadath (July 1982)
          14. "The Black Recalled"  World Fantasy Convention Program Book 1983
         15. "Lord of the Worms"  Weirdbook #17 ’83
     16. "Inception"  The Compleat Crow 1987
17. Elysia: The Coming of Cthulhu! 1989