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G. W. Thomas Presents

THE CONNOISSEUR (1990) by Mark Valentine

The author writes on THE NIGHT LAND website:

"I discovered William Hope Hodgson's work via the splendidly lurid Sphere paperback reprints of the early 1980s. I became involved in the fantasy and supernatural small press around that time, and contributed an essay, "Against the Abyss: Carnacki the Ghost Finder", to Ian Bell's booklet William Hope Hodgson: Voyages and Visions (1987): later I also wrote on Carnacki in a column on "The Other Detectives" for Sherlock Holmes Magazine (issue 24, 1998). Hodgson's psychic sleuth was one of the influences on my own aesthetical occult detective, The Connoisseur, whose first volume of adventures was published as IN VIOLET VEILS (Tartarus Press, 1999): I am slowly completing a second volume. "


1. In Violet Veils (1999)


1. "The After the Darkness"  (1990) Dark Dreams #8
2. "Café Lucifer" (1999)
3. "The Craft of Arioch" (1999)
4. "The Effigies" (1990)  Dark Dreams #8
5. "In Violet Veils" (1999)
6. "The Lost Moon" (1999)
7. "Pale Roses" (1999)
8. "The Paravine Cries" (1995) Lichgate #1
9. "The Secret Stars" (1999)

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