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G. W. Thomas Presents


This short-lived series from 1975 pre-dated the Ackroyd/Ramis project and had legal copyright of the name "Ghostbusters", forcing the Ivan Reitman/Ghostbusters to use "Real" Ghostbusters. The team featured an ape as one of the crew. (I often wonder if this was intentional or if the producers had any idea about the tradition from Edgar Allan Poe?)


Belfry the Bat  - Susan Blu
 Eddie Spencer Jr.  - Peter Cullen
 Futura  - Susan Blu
 Ghost Buggy  - Erik Gunden
 Jake Kong Jr.  - Pat Fraley
 Jessica  - Linda Gary
 Prime Evil  - Alan Oppenheimer

Ghost Busters - CBS (1975)

1. "The Maltese Monkey "
2. "Dr. What's His Name"
3. "The Canterville Ghost"
4. "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"
5. "The Flying Dutchman"
6. "The Dummy's Revenge"
7. "The Worthless Gauze"
8. "Which Witch is Which"
9. "They Went Thataway"
10. "Vampire's Apprentice"
11. "Hyde and Go Seek"
12. "Only Ghosts Have Wings"
13. "The Vikings Have Landed"
14. "Merlin the Magician"
15. "The Abominable Snowman"

The Original Ghostbusters - (1986-87)

16. "Outlaw Inlaws"
17. "Second Chance"
18. "A Ghost of a Chance"
19. "Revenge of Prime Evil"
20. "Ghosts Coast to Coast"
21. "Mummy Dearest"
22. "Heroes, Haunts and Hilarity"
23. "A Ghoul In Every Port"
24. "Back to the Past"
25. "Prime Evil and His All Ghoul Band"
26. "Witches Stew"
27. "Wacky Wax Museum"
28. "Statue Of Liberty"
29. "The Ransom Of Eddie Spencer"
30. "Eddie Takes Charge"
31. "Tracy Come Back"
32. "A Friend In Need"
33. "I'll Be A Son Of A Ghostbuster"
34. "Frights Of The Roundtable"
35. "No Pharoah At All"
36. "GhostBunglers"
37. "My Present To The Future"
38. "Brash Buggy"
39. "Belfry Leads The Way"