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G. W. Thomas Presents

THOMAS CARNACKI (1913-1995) by William Hope Hodgson

"... most people never quite know how much or how little they believe of matters ab-human or ab-normal, and generally they never have an opportunity to learn ... " -- Carnacki

In a house at No. 472, Cheyne Walk lives the remarkable Carnacki. Inventor of the Electric Pentacle, investigator of the Black Veil case, or the Grey Dog Business or the Incident of the Three Straw Platters, reader of the Sigsand Manuscript and performer of the hideous Saaamaaaa Ritual, Carnacki is well prepared to face real monsters. But as often as not, the villains prove natural rather than supernatural. Carnacki was the first ghostbreaker to allow either possibilty. After him, things were never the same...

Carnacki, The Ghost-Finder (1913)

 1. "The Thing Invisible" The New Magazine (January 1912)
2.  "The Gateway of the Monster" The Idler (January 1910)
 3. "The House Among the Laurels" The Idler (February 1910)
 4. "The Whistling Room" The Idler (March 1910)
5. "The Searcher of the End House" The Idler (June 1910)
 6. "The Horse of the Invisible" The Idler (April 1910)
 7. "The Haunted JARVEE"
 8. "The Find"
 9. "The Hog" Weird Tales (January 1947)


No. 472 Cheyne Walk: Carnacki: The Untold Stories (1992)

  9. "The Darkness"
10. "Matheson's Inheritance"
11. "The Silent Garden"
12. "The Case of the Grey Dog"
13. "The Steeple Monster"
14. "The Witch's Room"
15. "The Roaring Paddocks"
16. "The Psychic Doorway"
17. "The Sigsand Codex"
18. "The Keeper of the Minter Light"
19. "Arkright's Tale"
20. "The Gnarly Ship"


Carnacki the Ghost Finder (Publishing History)

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