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G. W. Thomas Presents

Father Brown(1911-1935)
by G. K. Chesterton

"Do not bow to me, mon ami...Let us both bow to our master." -- Valentin

Father Brown is a meek-appearing priest who solves mysteries with strange, often morbid, occurences in them. His only companion is the reformed thief, Flambeau. All his cases prove to be of the earthly sort even when Heaven is on the line. Not all the stories listed have outre elements.

The Innocence of Father Brown (1911)

“The Blue Cross”
“The Secret Garden”
“The Queer Feet”
“The Flying Stars”
“The Invisible Man”*
“The Honour of Israel Gow”*
“The Wrong Shape”
“The Sins of Prince Saradine”
“The Hammer of God”*
“The Eye of Apollo”*
“The Sign of the Broken Sword”
“The Three Tools of Death”

The Wisdom of Father Brown (1914)

“The Absense of Mr. Glass”*
“The Paradise of Thieves”
“The Duel of Mr. Hirsch”
“The Man in the Passage”
“The Mistake of the Machine”
“The Head of Caesar”
“The Purple Wig”
“The Perishing of Pendragons”
“The God of the Gongs”
“The Salad of Colonel Cray”
“the Strange Crime of John Boulnois”
“The Fairy Tale of Father Brown”

The Incredulity of Father Brown (1926)

“The Resurrection of Father Brown”
“The Arrow of Heaven”*
“The Oracle of the Dog”*
“The Miracle of Moon Crescent”
“The Curse of the Golden Cross”*
“The Dagger with Wings”*
“The Doom of the Darnaways”*
“The Ghost of Gideon Wise”*

The Secret of Father Brown (1927)

“The Secret of Father Brown”
“The Mirror of the Magistrate”
“The Man with Two Beards”
“The Song of the Flying Fish”
“The Actor and the Alibi”
“The Vanishing of Vaudrey”
“The Worst Crime in the World”
“The Red Moon of Meru”
“The Chief Mourner of Marne”
“The Secret of Flambeau”

The Scandal of Father Brown (1935)

“The Scandal of Father Brown”
“The Quick One”
“The Blast of the Book”*
“The Green Man”*
“The Pursuit of Mr. Blue”
“The Crime of the Communist”
“The Point of a Pin”
“The Insoluble Problem”

“The Village of the Vampire”

Father Brown played by:

Alec Guiness as Father Brown

The Detective (1954) (a: Father Brown) played by Alec Guinness