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G. W. Thomas Presents

THE BOOK COLLECTOR (2002-) by G. W. Thomas

 1. "Sitting in the Lap of Shubb" Forbidden Texts (2005)
2. "With Vorpal Blade in Hand" (2003) Amazing Heroes (2003) *
3. "Body of Work" The Ghostbreakers: New Horrors (2003) *
4. "Goon Job" The Ghostbreakers: Sinister Sleuths (2003) *
5. "How Deep Is Your Love?" Atrocitas Aqua (2003) **
6. "Such Bitter Business" The Second Annual Halloween Anthology (2003) *
7. "Merlin's Bane" The Ghostbreakers: The Vampire Hunters (2004)*

* These stories are available in RAGE m a c h i n e titles
** These stories are available in DDP titles